Ephemeral Urbanism

Subtítulo: Cities in constant flux
Editorial: Ediciones ARQ
Año: Mayo 2016
Autor: Rahul Mehrotra & Felipe Vera con José Mayoral
Tema: Temporary settlements, ephemeral urbanism, cases, prototypes of exploration | asentamientos temporales, urbanismo efímero, casos, prototipos de exploración
ISBN: 978-956-9571-21-3
Formato: 12,00 x 17,00 cm (ancho x alto)
Páginas: 320 (color)
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Idioma: English | Inglés
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EDITORIAL | As one of the outcomes of the Ephemeral City Research Project —conceived in the Harvard Graduate School of Design with the aim of bringing to light the idea that nonpermanent configurations of the urban landscape are legitimate within the discourse on cities— this book describes temporary settlements from all over the world that challenge the illusion of the permanence of the urban landscape. Ephemeral Urbanism invites us to ponder over aspects of material impermanence —such as dematerialization and disassembly— as an integral part of the design and construction processes of cities. Ranging from the scale of the small temporary infill within the urban, to the scale of the ephemeral mega cities, this book gives an overview of hundreds of cases, analyzing settlements or configurations that are constructed for a limited period of time. Through diagrams, photographs and aerial images, this preliminary survey presents an exploration of ome interesting prototypes of flexible urban planning and design. Texts by Richard Sennett and Ricky Burdett give the appropriate framework to understand the relevance of this book.

CONTENIDOS | Presentation: Preface by Richard Sennett | Introduction: Ephemeral Urbanism: Cities in Constant Flux - Rahul Mehrotra & Felipe Vera  | Taxonomies: Ephemeral Landscapes of Celebration | Ephemeral Landscapes of Transaction | Ephemeral Landscapes of Extraction | Ephemeral Landscapes of Refugee | Ephemeral Landscapes of Military | Ephemeral Landscapes of Religion | Ephemeral Landscapes of Disaster | Afterword - Ricky Burdett | Acknowledgments | Credits | Bibliography | Biographies.